Your Skull or Mine?

Jana has many different species of painted, beaded or feathered skulls that will add flavor to your cabin, fireplace or office wall.  Whether you're decorating a room in African art or wanting a Texas longhorn for that die hard football fan, her original, hand crafted skulls are sure to impress.  And if you don't have a skull to embellish Jana has many skulls in her personal inventory for sale!

Do you have a European mount that you'd like to have something special done with?  Do you have skulls in your garage collecting dust and cobwebs that could be turned into beautiful art?  If you're looking for a unique gift for that special someone, then you've come to the right site!  Simply email Jana at to place an order or ask a question.  Jana will be happy to email you a custom skull design pricing sheet!

When Jana isn't filming or editing episodes for SKULL BOUND TV she's working on skulls for customers and conservation groups.  Your skull just might make it on a future show!  Watch SKULL BOUND TV on The Sportsman Channel airing January-June!!

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